Browning students go large to celebrate Michigan history
Browning students go large in their Michigan studies
Posted on 12/18/2017
Three students sitting on a Michigan Map next to a bright orange cone

Browning Elementary students are finding their way when it comes to Michigan studies.

The students recently explored their home state using large floor map in their library of their home state and were challenged to find the locations of the history and geography lesson they have learned in their classrooms.

“This is a fantastic way for our students to experience the Michigan curriculum outside of the regular classroom and make real life connections with what they are learning,” said browning teacher Joel Scott, who created the lesson with media specialist Shawn Furtah.

Students worked in teams to identify a specific location based on clues they were given about the state’s history and geography.

For instance, students linked the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald to key locations in the timeline of the 1975 tragedy.

Once they unraveled the clues, the team then identified and “settled” on their location.