UCS honors 2017 kaleidoscope authors
UCS honors 2017 Kaleidoscope authors
Posted on 05/10/2017
Students being honored at the Board meetingRecently, young authors, family members, teachers and principals gathered to honor 28 students’ writing submissions to the annual statewide Kaleidoscope Young Authors competition.

The students were honored at the Kaleidoscope Luncheon at the Michigan Reading Association’s (MRA) Annual Conference on March 12, 2017 in Grand Rapids.

Collections of these young authors were printed in the 2017 edition of Kaleidoscope published by the MRA.

Through this publication, MRA celebrates the accomplishment of young authors by highlighting their voices, insights and skills as they are welcomed into a statewide community of writers.

Selecting the writing pieces for this publication is a difficult task. Each year, teachers from across Michigan submit the work of eager writers for review and acceptance by representatives of the MRA.

Students from the Alternative Learning Center, Heritage Junior High and each elementary school have earned the prestigious honor of being recognized by the MRA as outstanding young authors and poets.

Congratulations to the following talented young authors:

Beacon Tree Elementary
Daniella Danko 
Teacher: Kris Pierfelice

Beck Elementary
Kathryn Smith 
Teacher: Cheryl Cardamone

Browning Elementary
Rylee Hesske
Teacher: Kimberly Andrews

Burr Elementary
Lucas Nguyen 
Teacher: Christine Sandison

Collins Elementary
Meredith Tipton 
Teacher: Karen Franks

Crissman Elementary
Emma Jacob 
Teacher: Sean Murphy

DeKeyser Elementary
Taylor Mauldin
Teacher: Shari Ritz

Dresden Elementary
Monica Simmons 
Teacher: Theresa Whiteknight

Duncan Elementary
Ava Sherman 
Teacher:Christa McGregor

Ebeling Elementary
Madison Wiegand 
Teacher:Jacquelyn Barker

Flickinger Elementary
Maximilian Wisniewski 
Teacher: Darcy McKenzie

Graebner Elementary
Bria Loveday 
Teacher: Diana Esparza

Harvey Elementary
Olivia Groesbeck 
Teacher: Bethany Pierzecki

Havel Elementary
Phoenix McCreadie 
Teacher: Brian Versteegden

Messmore Elementary
Isabella Micakovic 
Teacher: Dimita Papandreou

Monfort Elementary
Sophia LaBrecque
Teacher: Shelly Semrau

Morgan Elementary
Nathan Lantzy 
Teacher: Leann Smith

Oakbrook Elementary
Evan Jenson 
Teacher: Ronald Selewski

Plumbrook Elementary
Emily Dennis 
Teacher: Heath Allen

Roberts Elementary
Ellie Daoust 
Teacher: Jacqueline Lamkin

Schuchard Elementary
Christiana Saroki 
Teacher: Season Bell

Schwarzkoff Elementary
Annalise Gauthier 
Teacher: Nichole Gorski

Switzer Elementary
Josephine McLeod Roth
Teacher: Marvin Stuehmer

West Utica Elementary
Rachel Brodi 
Teacher: Pamela Czerkis

Wiley Elementary
Garet Gertsch 
Teacher: Katelyn Maio

Heritage Junior High 
Kiara Bartes 
Teacher: Jennifer Parol

Alternative Learning Center 
Grace Alexander 
Teacher: Ruth McKelvey