Sale of vacant building provides UCS with one-time revenue
Sale of vacant building provides UCS with one-time revenue
Posted on 06/08/2017
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Utica Community Schools has completed the sale of a vacant elementary school in Shelby Township to provide one-time revenue to address ongoing state funding shortfalls.

The district completed the sale of Ewell Elementary at 23 Mile and Shelby Road to St. Mina and Pope Kyrillos VI Coptic Orthodox Church.

“This sale of property will help the district protect programs as we continue our work to address challenges brought on by how the state is distributing funding for schools,” said Board of Education President Gene Klida.

“Ewell Elementary is a perfect location for our church as many of our parishioners live in the community and send their students to Utica Community Schools,” said church Board Member and Petitioner Michael Nickola. “We look forward to being a welcoming presence to our new families, friends and neighbors.”

The sale of the school will support the district’s ongoing efforts to bring expenditures in line with revenue.

The district has been working with state lawmakers to address the impact of the current school aid formula and the redirection of funds by Michigan legislators. 

Over the past ten years, state lawmakers have provided the district with an increase in per pupil of $60 dollars – or an average of $6 dollars each year.

“This is well below the rate of inflation and demonstrates why we face fiscal challenges,” Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said.

Ewell Elementary was one of four schools closed by Utica Community Schools in 2010 in the midst of declining enrollment.

The district has previously sold assets to offset revenue shortfalls that resulted from state revenue increases well below the rate of inflation over the past ten years, and the redirection of school aid by Michigan lawmakers to community colleges and parochial schools.


Over the past two years, the district sold property on 26 Mile Road in Washington Township and Schoenherr Road in Shelby Township. Those properties are scheduled to be developed in part with single-family homes to support future enrollment.