UCS Special Olympians Honored
UCS Special Olympians Honored
Posted on 06/16/2017
Students being recognized at a Board of Education meetingThe Special Olympics Michigan State Summer Games were held from June 1 through June 3, 2017 at Central Michigan University. The Utica Community Schools had 31 athletes in attendance and 8 coaches. Utica athletes competed in Modified Volleyball, Track and Field events as well as Bocce Ball.

National Special Olympics organizers developed the Unified Champion School initiative to bring together students with and without disabilities through education, sports and youth leadership. The goal of the project is for general education students to partner with special education students and provide them with the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to create and sustain school communities that promote acceptance, respect and human dignity. Stevenson and Eisenhower High Schools have joined the Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools project.

Utica Community Schools special education athletes and their partners participated in the Unified Volleyball event. During post competition, athletes and coaches had an opportunity to meet peers from all over the state and joined in activities such as crafts, dances, games and canoeing. It was an incredible three days full of athletic competition and comradery.

The Special Education Department would like to thank our high school special education and general education staff for their dedication and support of this wonderful opportunity and congratulate the students and coaches for this outstanding medal count.

Bocce Ball 4 Gold, 9 Silver and 5 Bronze
Track/Walking 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze
Track and Field 10 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze
Unified Volleyball Silver Medal
Modified Volleyball Silver Medal

Michael Merkouris, Eisenhower High School -  Bocce Ball
Orion Cummings, Jeannette Junior High School - Bocce Ball
Mark Cicek, Stevenson High School - Bocce Ball
Kyle Edwards, Stevenson High School - Bocce Ball
George Zender, UCNECT - Bocce Ball
Scott Bratton, UCNECT - Bocce Ball
Brandon Decker, UCNECT - Bocce Ball
Tyler Whiteside, Eppler Junior High School  - Track and Field
Caroline Machesky, Eppler Junior High School - Track and Field
Marcus Barker,  Eisenhower High School - Track and Field
Marquaila Frith-Miller, Eisenhower High School - Track and Field
Amber Guertin, Eisenhower High School - Track and Field
Peter Gierula, UCNECT - Track and Field
Mark Garza, UCNECT - Track and Field
Kurt Armstrong, Jeannette Junior High School  - Track/Walking
Lindsay McCoy, UCNECT - Track/Walking
Andy Gorges, Stevenson High School Unified/Athlete
Alexander Harris, Stevenson High School Unified/Athlete
Caribbea Schutt, Stevenson High School Unified/Athlete
Nicholas Lardomita, Davis Junior High School Unified/Athlete
Ryan Dulinski, Eisenhower High School Unified/Athlete
Sebastian Puta Eisenhower High School Unified/Partner
Jackston Morris, Eisenhower High School Unified/Partner
Mark Wheeler, Stevenson High School Unified/Athlete
Zaria Tilmon, Stevenson High School Unified/Partner
Maxwell Beardsley, Eppler Junior High School Modified Volleyball
Ethan Williams, Eisenhower High School Modified Volleyball
Paul Tatge, UCNECT - Modified Volleyball
Pietro Corrado, UCNECT - Modified Volleyball
Hannah Relph, UCNECT - Modified Volleyball
Megan Zukowski, UCNECT - Modified Volleyball
Justin Long, Stevenson High School Coach
John Morrison, Eisenhower High School Coach
Patrick Nizza, Stevenson High School Coach
Casie Parlardg, Stevenson High School Coach
Christie Petras, Schwarzkoff Elementary School Coach
Andrea Pilatowski, Stevenson High School Coach
Julie Stahl, Stevenson High School Coach
Karen Ulmer, Stevenson High School Coach