Plumbrook disability workshop promotes acceptance
Plumbrook disability workshop promotes acceptance
Posted on 09/21/2017
Student on crutches studentsPlumbrook kindergarten students recently participated in a disability awareness presentation. 

Members of the school's special services staff (Terri Woznicki/ physical therapist, Becky Boyd/physical therapist, and Lindsay Pukey/occupational therapist) worked with new kindergarten students to provide them the opportunity to participate in a variety of Disability Awareness stations. 

Students had the opportunity to engage in a variety of stations in order to encourage empathy, acceptance and awareness for our diverse population here at Plumbrook Elementary School. 

In addition to K-6 classrooms, Plumbrook also services students who are classified as POHI (Physically or Otherwise Health Impaired). 

Kindergarten students had an opportunity to use wheelchairs, walk with a walkers, try on leg braces, and use a variety of assisted technologies that so many of our students use.

Kindergartners received a very valuable lesson today about accepting and respecting diversity.