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Email Upgrade Overview -

The UCS email system will be upgraded over the next few weeks. We know how important it is for you to have access to your email so we have worked to minimize the amount of time that you may be without it.

A portion of user mailboxes will be upgraded each evening according the schedule posted at Be sure to check the schedule for updates each day as it may be adjusted depending on the amount of progress that is made each day. The first letter of your UCS network login ID will determine when your mailbox is upgraded. Remember, your network login is a combination of your last name and initials such as GRAHAMJH.

The amount of time that the upgrade will take to complete is not definite because of variations in the number of mailboxes upgraded each evening and their sizes. It is expected that each evening’s upgrade process will be complete by 8am the following morning.

What to expect after the upgrade

The upgrade is being undertaken to replace outdated hardware and to increase the number of features available to our users. As part of this upgrade, UCS is taking advantage of cloud technologies and is realizing a large cost savings by not replacing expensive dedicated servers and other supporting technology infrastructure.

For UCS staff using Outlook

One of great things about this upgrade is that Outlook users will retain all the features they are used to having and they will experience virtually no change in how Outlook functions for them. UCS Technology staff will be available in the buildings to assist office staff in connecting Outlook to their upgraded mailboxes each morning.

For Webmail users

The upgraded system provides our webmail users with many new features. Additional information is available elsewhere on this website, but here are a couple of new features that I’d like to highlight:

How do I get to my upgraded mailbox via the web?

Easy! Just point your favorite web browser to

Use either your email address or your district network ID as your username.

IMPORTANT: The first time you access the upgraded mailbox you will see the following screen – MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE DEFAULT TIME ZONE ON THIS SCREEN!

What resources are available to help me with the new Outlook Web App?

Here is a great introduction to Outlook Web App that provides an overview to the mail, calendar and people features:

Getting started in Outlook Web App

For more detailed information check out these pages:

Mail Overview

Calendar Overview

People Overview