UCS students earn top awards in annual Scholastic Arts Competition
UCS students exhibit artistry through Scholastic Art Awards
Posted on 01/18/2019
Single Portfolio Image "Steel Wool Study" by Savannah Jodway

Students from throughout the district earned impressive awards during the Michigan Thumb Region Scholastic Art Awards.

Over 180 art awards were received by 111 UCS students including 40 Gold Key awards and one Best of Show winner.  Savannah Jodway, a senior from Utica High, received the Best of Show for her portfolio “Steel Wool Study.”  Joshua Etheridge is her art teacher. 

Macomb Community College and the College for Creative Studies sponsor the regional awards featuring more than 2,600 works of art and approximately 70 portfolios from middle school and high school students.  With the assistance of volunteer art teachers, the works are adjudicated and selected for Honorable Mentions, Silver and Gold Key Awards, American Vision nominations and Best of Show Portfolios.  Regional Gold Key works automatically advance to national judging in New York City.  National awards will be announced on March 12, 2019.

The regional awards ceremony takes place on January 28 at 7:00 p.m. at the Macomb Center for Performing Arts, followed by a reception and exhibit in the Lorenzo Cultural Center.  The exhibition, which is open to the general public, runs Monday - Saturday, January 28 through February 10, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

UCS 2019 Scholastic Arts Award recipients:

Utica High

Olivia Adams - Gold Key Photography

Christina D'Alessandro - Gold Key Photography

Jillian Jezak - Gold Key Photography

Savannah Jodway - Gold Key Art Portfolio

Savannah Jodway - Two Gold Keys Photography

Haley Kelly - Gold Key Photography

Emily Kola - Gold Key Photography

Isabel Redmond - Gold Key Painting

Madeline Riggs - Two Gold Keys Photography

Annalise Trenkamp - Two Gold Keys Photography

Annalise Trenkamp - Gold Key Mix Media

Katelyn Beauvais - Honorable Mention Painting

Wen Chen - Honorable Mention Drawing

Wen Chen - Honorable Mention Digital Art

Wen Chen - Honorable Mention Painting

Jillian Jezak - Honorable Mention Photography

Savannah Jodway - Silver Key Photography

Emmalee Kramer - Honorable Mention Drawing

Emmalee Kramer - Honorable Mention Drawing

Kadia Kustarz - Silver Key Photography

Elizabeth Mulvaine - Silver Key Photography

Elizabeth Mulvaine - Silver Key Photography

Mason Palicke - Honorable Mention Photography

Alivia Powell - Silver Key Photography

Araiza Ramirez - Silver Key Painting

Madeline Riggs - Silver Key Photography

Madeline Riggs - Honorable Mention Photography

Madilyn Shannon - Honorable Mention Photography

Matthew Tipton - Honorable Mention Painting

Annalise Trenkamp - Honorable Mention Digital Art

Annalise Trenkamp - Honorable Mention Photography

Annalise Trenkamp - Honorable Mention Sculpture

Nevaeh Urban - Silver Key Mix Media

Eisenhower High

Bryanna Ankawi - Gold Key Photography

Diana Demey - Two Gold Keys Photography

Aislin Kearney - Gold Key Film & Animation

Lauren Seymour - Gold Key Photography

Abigail Wittwer - Gold Key Photography

Hannah Aesy  - Honorable Mention Photography

Riya Aggarwal - Honorable Mention Painting

Bryanna Ankawi - Honorable Mention Photography

Samantha Caballero - Silver Key Drawing

Connor Cieslak - Silver Key Photography

Connor Cieslak Honorable Mention - Photography

Matt Clark - Silver Key Mix Media

Alea Czepeska - Silver Key Drawing

Diana Demey - Honorable Mention Photography

Diana Demey - Silver Key Photography

Alexis Irwin - Honorable Mention Sculpture

Madison Istamboulian - Honorable Mention Drawing

Cayla Kadets - Honorable Mention Drawing

Aislin Kearney - Silver Key Photography

Olivia Klemme - Silver Key Sculpture

Adam Kotas - Honorable Mention Drawing

Anna Messina - Silver Key Digital Art

Anna Messina - Honorable Mention Drawing

Emma Myny - Silver Key Painting

Angeline Reynolds - Honorable Mention Drawing

Bella Rizzo - Honorable Mention Sculpture

Lauren Seymour - Silver Key Photography 

Lauren Seymour - Honorable Mention Photography r

Brianna Smith - Honorable Mention Photography

Christina Stickley - Honorable Mention Fashion

Jillian Stockard - Honorable Mention Fashion

Abigail Wittwer - Gold Key Photography 

Henry Ford II High

Kaitlyn Kalamajka - Gold Key Drawing

Kaden Rucinski - Gold Key Digital Art

Elaina Schlief - Gold Key Photography

Kyle Smith - Gold Key Photography

Katelyn Swope - Gold Key Printmaking

Ashlyn Brown - Honorable Mention Painting

Ashlyn Brown - Silver Key Sculpture

Amber Brunett - Honorable Mention Drawing

Ana Chauvin - Silver Key Painting

Jessica Dimartino - Silver Key Drawing

Jessica Dimartino - Honorable Mention Drawing e

Jessica Dimartino - Silver Key Drawing

Meaghan Drohan - Honorable Mention Photography

Emily Frizzell - Honorable Mention Drawing

Emily Frizzell - Honorable Mention Photography

Alexis Glugla - Honorable Mention Drawing

Kaitlyn Kalamajka - Honorable Mention Drawing

Hailey Morin - Honorable Mention Photography

Allyssia Nitschke - Honorable Mention Photography

Megan Ocelnik - Silver Key Photography

Katlyn Price - Silver Key Photography

Ian Reynhout - Honorable Mention Photography

Kaden Rucinski - Honorable Mention Photography

Kaden Rucinski Silver Key Photography

Kaden Rucinski  - Silver Key Digital Art

Elizabeth Sanders - Honorable Mention Editorial Cartoon

Elaina Schlief - Silver Key Photography

Elaina Schlief - Honorable Mention Photography

Caitlin Schneider - Silver Key Photography

Ryan Shaner - Honorable Mention Art Portfolio

Ryan Shaner - Honorable Mention Photography

Ryan Shaner - Silver Key Photography

Kyle Smith - Honorable Mention Photography

Caitlyn St. James - Honorable Mention Film & Animation

Matthew Touma - Silver Key Photography

Adam Williams - Honorable Mention Photography

Stevenson High

Jessica Culverhouse - Gold Key Photography

Chantel Gurak - Gold Key Photography

Katherine Payne - Gold Key Drawing

Zane Cowan  - Honorable Mention Drawing

Jessica Culverhouse - Silver Key Photography

Hannah Gartley - Honorable Mention Drawing

Katherine Payne Honorable Mention - Drawing 

Sarah Tieman Honorable Mention Photography

Utica Center for Science and Industry

Matt Clark - Gold Key Digital Art

Evan Arrowood - Silver Key Film & Animation

Adam Breininger - Honorable Mention Digital Art

Kimberly Chockley - Silver Key Photography

Tabitha George - Honorable Mention Photography

Lillian Haydon - Silver Key Digital Art

Lillian Haydon - Silver Key Photography

James Kearney - Honorable Mention Photography

Chris Rogowski - Honorable Mention Photography

Samantha Vannice - Silver Key Photography

Elyse Willemsen -  Honorable Mention Digital Art

Malow Junior High

Cameron Cone - Gold Key Drawing

Bella Hubbel - Gold Key Printmaking

Kayla Kozlowski - Gold Key Drawing

Elena Medina - Gold Key Drawing

Eleina Baylet - Silver Key Drawing

Eleina Baylet - Honorable Mention Painting

Emma Jacob - Honorable Mention Drawing

Emma Jacob - Silver Key Drawing

Sam Wakula - Silver Key Digital Art

Shelby Junior High

Kaitlyn Grishaj - Gold Key Photography

Paige Iezzi - Gold Key Photography

Jacob Lewis - Gold Key Drawing

Lillian Natushko - Gold Key Sculpture

Olivia Barel - Silver Key Photography

Kendall Culpert - Honorable Mention Drawing

Kaitlyn Grishaj - Gold Key Photography

Andrei Hulpoi - Silver Key Drawing

Paige Iezzi - Honorable Mention Photography

Kylee Jackson - Honorable Mention Photography

Aidan Krim - Honorable Mention Photography

Sophia Labrecque - Silver Key Drawing

Rachel Nugent - Silver Key Photography

Eppler Junior High

Ella Cooke - Gold Key Photography

Madelyn Karrandja - Gold Key Photography

Sophia Wenzel - Gold Key Painting

Adrian Chigo - Honorable Mention Painting

Ella Cooke - Honorable Mention Drawing

Sadie Heman - Honorable Mention Drawing

Mckenzie Reese Silver Key - Photography

Sophia Wenzel - Honorable Mention Photography

Sophia Wenzel - Silver Key Photography

Wiktoria Zaremba Honorable Mention Drawing

Wiktoria Zaremba Silver Key Sculpture

Davis Junior High

Everett Felsh - Gold Key Photography

Dilan Patel - Honorable Mention Photography

Bemis Junior High School

Madelyn Dudde - Silver Key Photography

Mia Simitcievska Honorable Mention Photography

UCS secondary art teachers are: Joshua Etheridge and Jennifer Allore of Utica High; Nancy Druia, Josephine Braun, Jennifer Ramirez and Michael Allore of Eisenhower High; Amy May and Lisa Grunewald of Henry Ford II High; Patti Fields and Christina Dawson of Stevenson High; Michael Allore and Megan Berry of Utica Center for Science and Industry; Kristine Cooper of Malow Junior High; Christina Dawson of Bemis Junior High School; Chris Brunson and Marsha Sevek of Shelby Junior High; Emily Ottaviano of Eppler Junior High; and Gail Borowski of Davis Junior High.