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Academic Blitz

Academic Blitz logoThe Academic Blitz, created 13 years ago by the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board, was developed to ensure parents are aware of the available secondary options to take advantage of the services and programs open to all students.  By beginning a plan early, parents can set their students on a path that best fits their needs and interests. 

2020 Breakout Sessions

Beneficial to families with students in:  Δ  Elementary   Δ  Junior High   Δ High School

Δ  Get Set for Junior High School (Room 117)
Learn about how to prepare for the junior high experience. Topics covered include course selection, daily schedule, lockers, lunch and more.
Δ   Δ    Δ  Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) (Room 124)
AVID is a structured, college readiness system designed to prepare all students for college success. (Sessions 1 and 2 Only).
Δ   Δ    Δ  UCS Art Programs (Room 108)
Discover the elective art courses that are available at the junior high and high schools.  Hear about careers for those with a passion for the Arts.
Δ   Δ    Δ  UCS Music Programs (Room 109)
Learn more about vocal and instrumental elective music programs offered in junior high and high school.
Δ   Δ    Δ  Advanced Placement (AP) Opportunities (Room 129)
Find out about Advanced Placement college-level courses that are offered at the junior high and high school level.  Information will be shared on AP Testing and potential earning of college credits through AP courses.
Δ  Get Set for High School (Room  118)
Discover the variety of learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities available in high school.
Δ    Δ  School-to-Work (Room 113)
Connecting classroom learning with work-based learning experiences, preparing students for the move from classroom to work site, supporting supervised on-the-job training, and helping students make career decisions.
Δ  Dual Enrollment (Room 116)
Take a course at a local college or university and earn high school and/or college credit.  Application process takes place in ninth grade.  Featured schools: College of Creative Studies and Macomb Community College.
Δ  Get Set for College: A High School Action Plan (Room  121)
Develop your game plan of key tasks to prepare for college.  Discussion on topics such as GPA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid Federal Assistance Financial Aid (FAFSA) application, resume, college application process.
Δ  Naviance for Parents (Room  128)
How to support your student in the college application process.
Δ   Δ    Δ  Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board Breakout (Room 409) 
Meet one-on-one with members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board to answer questions you may have about programs and services. A unique opportunity to have a student perspective on any question or topic of interest after attending sessions. Speak directly with students about their experiences in an informal and stress-free environment. (Session 3 Only).

UCS Specialty Programs
Specialty programs are unique offerings designed to supplement the district’s comprehensive high schools.  Learn about course requirements and application processes for these programs.  Eligible students apply in 8th grade for the 9th grade school year.

Δ   Δ   Utica Academy for International Studies (UAIS) (Performing Arts Center)
UAIS is Utica Community Schools’ full-day International Baccalaureate Diploma Academy.  This collaborative environment and the rigorous, comprehensive and internationally-minded curriculum challenge the learner to grow personally and academically.
Δ   Δ   Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology (UCMST) (Media Center)
UCMST is designed for students who have an interest in mathematics, science, computer science and curriculum integrated technology.   Students in this four-year program have one half-day of course work at their home high school including English, social studies and electives. Students are transported to the Instructional Resource Center for their mathematics, science and technology instruction.
Δ   Δ   Utica Center for Science and Industry (UCSI) (Band Room)
UCSI students in this four-year program have access to work-based learning opportunities, including job shadowing, mentoring and work-site internships.  Students in this four-year program have one half-day of course work at their home high school.  Students focus on the Design Thinking Process and choose one of the three Career and Technical Education pathways: Multimedia Production, Mechatronics (Advanced Robotics Systems) or Engineering Technology.
Δ   Δ   Stevenson Manufacturing, Automation and Design Engineering (Stevenson MADE) (ECC)
Stevenson MADE blends rigorous academic content with relevant, real world applications by making use of strong business relationships and post-secondary partners in the field of Advanced Manufacturing.  All course work has project based learning with design thinking and problem solving at the core. This four-year program is open to Davis, Heritage, and Jeannette junior high school students scheduled to attend Stevenson High School.

Information Booths

  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
  • Advanced Placement
  • Stevenson Center for Manufacturing, Automation and Design Engineering (Stevenson MADE)
  • Utica Academy for International Studies
  • Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology
  • Utica Center for Science and Industry
  • Eisenhower High School
  • Henry Ford II High School
  • Stevenson High School
  • Utica High School
  • Dual Enrollment
  • UCS Foundation for Educational Excellence
  • UCS Art Department
  • UCS Coding
  • UCS High School and Junior High Counselors
  • UCS Music Department
  • UCS Sports
  • Office 365
  • World Languages, Seal of Global Language and Michigan Seal of Bi-Literacy
  • Virtual Library Card
  • UCS Community Education 
  • FIRST Robotics
  • UCS Career and Technical Education

2020 Academic Blitz Presentation Materials

Advanced Placement Opportunities Junior High and High School 202020 January, 2020 02:50 PMCHARLANDKM1.75 MB
AVID Frequently Asked Questions13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss30.0 KB
AVID Student Profile13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss76.5 KB
CTEOfferingsByBuilding201913 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss80.9 KB
Get Set for College Packet13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss1.57 MB
Get Set for High School13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss1.61 MB
Get Set for Junior High20 January, 2020 03:37 PMCHARLANDKM5.39 MB
Naviance Parent Guide13 January, 2020 04:43 PMKORTNM487 KB
Naviance Student: College Application Process13 January, 2020 04:44 PMKORTNM456 KB
School to Work Information20 January, 2020 03:34 PMCHARLANDKM205 KB
Specialty Program - Stevenson MADE13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss0.99 MB
Specialty Program - UAIS13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss813 KB
Specialty Program - UCMST13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss88.4 KB
Specialty Program - UCSI13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss162 KB How to Use13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss8.86 MB
UCS Community Education Brochure13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss4.42 MB
UCS Community Education Winter-Spring 202013 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss2.46 MB
UCS World Language Brochure13 January, 2020 04:27 PMJonathan.Curtiss349 KB
Virtual Library Card13 January, 2020 04:46 PMJonathan.Curtiss511 KB