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Eisenhower students create human physiology art
Eisenhower students create human physiology art
Posted on 09/17/2021
Students draw human body systems.

Human Physiology is a semester-long course at Eisenhower High School where juniors and seniors learn an overview of all 11 body systems and the course culminating with a dissection, likely of a deer heart for the cardiovascular system or a rabbit to see the direct juxtaposition of organs. Before any scalpels can be raised, each student must first understand the body systems, their functions, the diseases associated with each system, how systems are connected and where they are situated within the body.

To illustrate the organs and main functions of each system students created body system posters of life-size proportion.

“We got into partners, one partner laid on the paper and the other would trace the frame onto the paper that we’re working with,” explained Eisenhower senior, Giuliana Piccini. “From there we looked up the major organs of our systems and what their functions were, then we would draw outlines of these organs and connect them all.”

Unlike a printed-out assignment, this activity helps create a conversation between students around the body systems they are studying, explained Nancy Nichols, Eisenhower Human Physiology teacher.

“It just makes it fun and different,” said Nichols.

“There was a lot with the digestive system that we had to label and describe,” said Piccini. “A few of the major organs are the stomach, the pancreas, the appendix, the liver and the large and small intestines; it also uses the mouth the teeth and the salvatory glands.”

All this body system knowledge is not required of Eisenhower students to master, since Human Physiology is an elective course. Nichols explained that many of her students are interested in science or want to go into some type of medical field with all ranges of ambitions. Piccini is no exception.

“I’m taking this class because I want to be a nurse,” said Piccini. “I think this class will be really good in helping me prepare for college.”

The finished body posters, complete with artistic renditions of their respective organs, will be displayed in the science hallway of Eisenhower for Human Physiology students to study from and for all Eagles to admire, or even inspire.