Technology Plan

This three-year technology plan is the product of the District Planning Team at Utica Community Schools. The team worked together through a multi-phased, six month planning process, collaborating in both face-to-face and online environments. The team’s process included the following:

Research on technology and learning in the Twenty-First Century, including:

The impact of technology, particularly Internet-based technologies, on learning

  • The evolution of the skills that students need for college and career readiness
  • Best practices from other schools that are using technology in impactful ways to improve student outcome
  • Collection of data on the use of technology in UCS, including the types of work done by teachers and students, the availability of technology, their skills for using these tools and the factors in each school that support or hinder adoption and expansion. This included input from key stakeholders on research-based questionnaires distributed to:
    • teachers from all grade levels and subject areas
    • elementary students
    • middle school students
    • high school students
    • administrators
    • parents
  • Discussion of the data to identify strengths and gaps on a school-by-school basis
  • Analysis of the trends across all of Utica Community Schools
  • Study of best practices at high achieving districts with excellent records of using technology to improve student achievement scores, as well as college and career readiness
  • Development of plan to address gaps and more closely align technology to improved student outcomes

The resulting three-year technology plan is a collaborative document that includes a bold vision for the future, as well as practical steps toward achieving that goal.

Download the PDF at this link.