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The Student Resume

The Student Resume

student resume

Prepare Early and College App Season Will Be A Breeze!

To reduce application stress during the senior year, one of the best things students can do is begin preparing a student resume in ninth grade.  Colleges will be interested in the activities and accomplishments of students during grades 9-12, including involvement that occurs during the summer before ninth grade.  The Student Record for College Form (available below in both PDF and Word formats) gives an idea of the depth of detail many colleges will request. 

Student Record for College Form (PDF)

Student Record for College Form (Word Document)

Naviance, the college and career readiness platform used in UCS, offers a resume function that allows students to record and save this type of information.  Login to Naviance Student, navigate to About Me  > My Stuff > Resume. OR Login to Naviance Student navigate to About Me > Home > click on Resume from the student banner. 

 Naviance Student Resume Builder
​How-to-Guide Resume Builder


Save Your Resume Using Naviance

The Naviance Student Resume feature allows students to save information in the following categories:

  • Objective
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Volunteer Service
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Awards/Certificates
  • Skills/Academic Achievement
  • Music/Artistic Achievement
  • References
  • Additional Information 
  • Leadership

For each entry, students should record as much detail as possible.  Naviance Student offers a description/comments section that is a great place for recording these details.  For example, Was the student an officer of the club? Did the student receive an award for volunteer service?  Did an athlete receive a varsity letter or MVP award?  Did a part-time job include specific duties or develop certain skills?

It’s Easy to Forget Your Accomplishments

Many students think that they will remember these details, but the truth is, by the senior year, many students and their families have forgotten some activities and accomplishments.  During the senior year, when students may be busy with schoolwork, clubs, sports, or part-time jobs, and rushing to meet application deadlines, it can be stressful and time-consuming to re-create a four-year record of involvement.  It is much easier and less stressful to record involvement along the way.

It's Not What You Did, But Why and How

Colleges are usually interested not so much in what a student did, but more in why the student participated and how the experience changed the student.  As they record activities and accomplishments, students are encouraged to reflect on why their involvement has been meaningful and how it has helped them to grow.  The description/comments box in Naviance Student is a great place to record these thoughts for each entry.

 Update Every Semester

Students are encouraged to update their Student Resume regularly during grades 9-12—ideally at least once each semester.  As students progress through high school, it is also a great idea to consider these questions:

  • Which teacher(s) are you getting to know well enough to ask for a letter of recommendation?
  • What leadership roles could you aspire to in the future?
  • What new initiatives could you start in your school or community?
  • What are you reading outside of class (magazines, books, etc.) to explore your personal interests?
  • What can you do during the summer to explore your interests, challenge yourself, and grow?
  • Are you participating in any activities that help others? Allow you to grow creatively? Challenge you physically?
  • Are you getting to know your high school counselor?
  • If a teacher were asked to vividly describe your classroom behavior and participation, how would he or she describe you?

 Flex Your Academic Muscles

Your classes at school should be like a good workout.  They should make you sweat and cause you to flex and develop your intellectual muscles. If your classes are too easy, it is like lifting an empty barbell at the gym. Are you taking the most rigorous schedule that you can handle successfully?  Colleges will be very interested in any honors, accelerated, AP, IB, and/or dual enrollment classes you take.

Any student who has questions about creating a student resume or needs additional support is encouraged to make an appointment with his or her counselor.