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Class of 2022 graduate performs with national honor band
Class of 2022 graduate performs with national honor band
Posted on 07/28/2022
Lasceski with honor band conductor

Throughout his time at Utica High School, Class of 2022 graduate Andrew Lasceski’s trumpeting talents allowed him to be recognized locally, at the state level, as well as nationally. To further add to his high school accomplishments, Lasceski performed with the John Phillip Sousa National High School Honor Band this June.

The band is a biannual honor band program that showcases the best and brightest high school musicians from across the Unity States.

“You are sitting next to kids from California or Florida that have the same drive and passion for music as yourself which makes the final concert that much greater and rewarding in the end,” Lasceski said.

Lasceski received the invitation to perform with the band in Boston, MA and was thrilled to have the opportunity to perform in three concerts.

“Playing in a large ensemble such as this one always brings me back to my passion and why I love what I do,” said Lasceski.

“My favorite thing about this experience was being able to have my skills tested by other fantastic students,” Lasceski said. “I really enjoyed that everybody there really wanted to be there to play great music together as an ensemble.”

With this experience added to his performance resume, Lasceski plans to earn his bachelor's degree in trumpet performance to then begin a career in an orchestra or symphony.