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Points of Pride on display in the hallways of Oakbrook Elementary
Points of Pride on display in the hallways of Oakbrook Elementary
Posted on 08/31/2021
Oakbrook Elementary faculty write on points of pride banner in hallway. As the 2021-22 school year begins, Oakbrook Elementary teachers adorned their classrooms inside and out with decorations to welcome their students. In the hallways signs reading “welcome back,” “awesome things start here” and “home sweet classroom” can be found across the building, yet one hallway in particular has been deemed home to the Strides of Pride at Oakbrook Elementary. 

“The idea is whenever you pass by and you want to celebrate – an achievement, accomplishment, moment or someone – write it down!” said Jeff Titran, elementary art educator at Oakbrook and Monfort Elementary Schools.

The staff and teachers at Oakbrook Elementary have embraced the positive displays of appreciation with “Pride Points” such as “Rachel really helped me with technology,“ “I made the kids laugh today” and “Mrs. Smith always listens and helps me,” among many others.   

“We have positivity, kindness, and now with the students (back) this week, we are continually promoting community, as well” Titran said. 

The idea for the Strides of Pride hallway was sparked by Oakbrook principal, Dr. Linda Schneider-Rediske, who mentioned it in one of their staff meetings along with some words of encouragement for the upcoming school year. 

From there, the Oakbrook staff took the project under their wing and created what can be seen in the hallways today, summarized by Titran as a platform where “we can adequately show the enthusiasm we are all experiencing.”