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Virtual academy students get closer look at what it means to be Michigan made
Virtual academy students get closer look at what it means to be Michigan made
Posted on 11/22/2021
Virtual Farm Field TripChocolate MilkUtica Community Schools second grader Sydney McCoy now has a greater appreciation how ice cream makes it from a farm to her family’s ice box.

McCoy and her friends in the UCS Virtual Academy recently took a virtual field trip to Guersey Farms Dairy in Northville, where owner Joe Kinville gave them an overview of how his Michigan Made products make it to the grocery store. 

“I liked how they made ice cream,” McCoy said. “I saw the trucks taking the milk from the cows and it was taken to another place.”
Kinville, a third generation dairy farmer, showed students how the cows were cared for, how the milk was brought to the processing plant, and - most importantly - how ice cream and chocolate milk are made.

Academy teacher Bernadette Locricchio said the hour-long field trip reinforced lessons for students on how products make it to stores in their community. 

“This was a wonderful opportunity for students to see how things are made in our community,” Loricchio said. “ I liked how they knew that the milk was made in Michigan. They also spoke about the health benefits of milk and dairy in their diets.”

Second-grade student Elizabeth Setera was so excited about how the farmers made chocolate milk she took the lesson to its next level. 

“Today she was our ‘spotlight’ of the day,” said teacher Jacqueline Lamkin.  “After school was over yesterday the family went out in search of ‘Guernsey Farm Dairy’ and found chocolate milk.  She was so excited to share it with the class and is having it for her lunch.” 

Locricchio said it was clear from the tour how the family is proud of their work. 

“They took us into where they milked the cows and then showed the kids how it was loaded to a truck to the processing plant,” Locricchio said.  “They showed the students how the milk was made and how ice cream was made.  The owner also spoke about the history of the business.

“This family is hard working and cares a lot about their customers,” she said.