UCS junior one of five in the nation to receive
top writing award

Jason LiA Stevenson High School junior is one of five students to earn a top national writing award.

Jason Li has earned a gold medal from the national Scholastic Art and Writing program for his novel Pretty How World, written through the school’s writing club.

The novel depicts a futuristic United States where the meaning of life has been discovered. Scientists called the “Whisperers” share the answer with teenagers when they turn 18 only if they work hard and follow laws.

He said he was inspired by the works of Kurt Vonnegut.

"I admired his unique prose of keeping his writing as simple as possible, giving his readers only what he thought they should know," Li said.


UCS students put their minds to math


Dozens of Utica Community Schools’ fourth, fifth and sixth graders had fun and met new friends while exercising their mental math skills at the district’s annual 24 Math game challenge.

Oakbrook Elementary School hosted the event that matched students from 22 participating UCS elementary schools in the popular educational game. The object is to add, subtract, multiply or divide four random single-digit numbers to total 24 without using paper and pencil or calculators. Each number can be used only once. Game cards vary in difficulty. MORE.

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