Students unearth fun at Velocity Jr. camp

Dino Dig

Dino2Area students are unearthing fun and a love of history and science through a Velocity Jr. summer camp.

The young archaeologists recently spent a week taking part in a "Dino Dig" camp that allowed them to study the history of the animals and take part in mock archeological digs.

Teacher Landon Polley said the students are experiencing "Indiana Jones-type stuff" that is reinforcing their interest in sciences and how it applies to other content areas.

"These younger students are discovering science and saying 'hey, this is fun,' " Polley said. "We can also use what we're learning today in different subjects, like history."

The five through nine year olds take part in all parts of a dig - from learning how to discover the dinosaur bones, how they are cleaned and how they are preserved. MORE.

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